The soaring interest of bikers, fishermen and golfers in the polarized sunglasses surely indicate that these sunglasses have something very important to do with visibility and managing the daylight for accuracy and better vision. For people who haven’t used these kind of sunglasses, it is important to know what these sunglasses are all about, what mechanism make it so popular and so important for the sportsmen and how they would be helping people playing and enjoying better under the sunlight. These sunglasses make use of best polarized lenses for an anti-glare effect to reduce the reflection of horizontal rays and intense sunlight with the help of a filter screen on the sunglasses.

Polarized sunglasses are different from UV-protection glasses and Tinted glasses. They are made to lower the glare, the reflection of direct and reflected sunlight to give clearer, more accurate and sharp vision no matter if the sun is shining at its peak.

Polarized sunglasses offer greater utility for bikers, boating enthusiasts, fishermen, golfers, and many other sportsmen who are in need of clear vision under the direct sunlight.

How Polarized Sunglasses Work?

Polarized sunglasses have a filter screen on the glasses with a layer of vertical lines that are capable of absorbing the intense horizontal rays that fall on the flat surface and may cause intense reflection. This layer actually minimizes the effect of reflection and captures a clear vision by redirecting the rays and giving the eyes, a glare-free vision no matter how intense the rays are.

These sunglasses are capable to avoid harmful glare and will only let the safer wavelengths to pass through it for better vision.

Types of Polarized Lenses

Polarized sunglasses make use of polarized lenses which are categorized into two main types based on the thickness they have. The most commonly used type of polarized lenses .75 mm lens which is enough for usual sports and helps in a wide range of circumstances. Whereas the other one that is 1.1 mm is a thicker version and prove to be more expensive and more effective in severe circumstances as well.

It is better to go for a .75 mm lens as it can serve better without any burden on your pocket. In case if you have the greater budget to invest in these type of glasses, you may go for 1.1 mm lens for safer and better quality of vision.

Polarized vs. Tinted vs. UV- sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are different from that of chromatic or tinted sunglasses. Tinted sunglasses may help in lowering the intensity of the sunlight but this does not mean you will be able to get a clear vision as they will have a tint in them and natural colors may not be visible through them due to the tint.

UV sunglasses help in protecting the eyes from UV rays but may not promise anti-glare feature in them. Though most of the Polarized sunglasses may give you UV protection they are usually intended to give you an anti-glare vision under the intense sunlight.

Polarized sunglasses have a specialized filter to redirect, absorb and avoid intense wavelength and absorb safer, verticle wavelength for better and clear vision. These do not distort the natural colors and prove to be a better utility for sportsmen who need accurate vision during the daylight.

Some Considerations Regarding the use of Polarized Sunglasses

Though we know that polarized sunglasses are good to use when you are sporting on land or in water and these help a lot in getting the accurate target, but these may not be preferable under certain conditions.

As a fact, if you are going to use certain gadgets having an LCD or LED display screen, polarized sunglasses would not work great and you may not be able to read on the screen clearly. So it is better not to use them when you have to keep an eye on such kind of screen readings.

In addition to that, you may take great care if you are using them on Icy hills or when skiing downhill as you may need to look at the reflection coming from the ice to inform you about the patches, bumps and lowered ice patches as well.

We can surely say that polarized sunglasses offer lots of benefits for clear and accurate vision and help in avoiding glare causing sunlight rays in a very easy way. These sunglasses can be used by sportsmen who need to give their best performance under the sunlight with accurate targeting and managing the conditions around them. Though there are certain conditions you may not prefer wearing them when you are not dealing with the direct sun rays, careful selection of the right kind of sunglasses would be helpful for most of the people to get the best results.

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