Turn your iPad into a foosball table with this awesome gadget

Turn your iPad into a foosball table with this awesome gadget

Who doesn’t like playing foosball table with your friends and having fun? Foosball is an addictive game table which never will bore you. One company known as New Potato Technologies saw the opportunity in foosball game table and developed an awesome gadget for your iPad. They decided to build an awesome gadget that transforms your iPad into a real foosball table.

This gadget looks like a foosball table. It has 4 legs and 8 roads so 4 players can play at once. I suggest playing with maximum 2 players at the time because it can be very confusing. The gadget looks very elegant and well quality. The advantage of this little gadget is its small size and small place that you need for it in your home. If you want a real foosball table you will need 10 times more space in your house.

The gadget is built only for iPad 1, 2 and 3 so you can’t use it on any other device. The gadget is only compatible with one app that comes with it. The app is totally free with great graphics and design. Also, the app very nice reacts on your command on the gadget. This app is one of the best foosball table game apps you can get for iOS. It has a lot of features so you can adjust your foosball table how you want. There is only one little problem that rods on gadget are not in the same with rods on foosball table app.

On the bottom side of the gadget, you can find one extra USB port that you can use to charge your iPad while enjoy playing foosball. This is a great feature because you can play foosball without limits.

This gadget from New Potato Technologies can sound too expensive but if you check some price of foosball tables you will see that cheap foosball table is at least 10 times expensive. Also, this is an awesome gadget that transforms your basic iPad into a digital foosball table.

After all, this gadget is worth of buying for your kids or maybe as a gift for some foosball or soccer love. Playing foosball on this digital foosball table you will have fun and enjoy in foosball. But if you want to enjoy in the real spirit of foosball you consider buying quality foosball table in your budget range.


Mark play foosball for a long time and also have a chance to test different types of a foosball table. He also tests this very interesting gadget and shares his experience. Check Mark’s blog if you are interested in foosball or how you can buy the best foosball table for the money. The link to the blog you can find right here: www.foosballzone.com/foosball-table