Rangamma grandma, who has acted in more than 500 films in Tamil cinema, is selling kerchieves in Marina beach.

MG at Tamil Cinema Starting from R period, Ajith, Vijay, Rangamma grandma. There is no one who does not know him in the cinema area. He is currently selling kerchieves for 5 rupees and 10 rupees in Marina beach.

Rangamma grandmother in recent times in Vadivel comedy shows. But now she is in poverty without film opportunities. He has 9 children. But kerchieves sells on Marina Beach for stomach survival. Those who come to the beach are going to take the ‘celp’.

Rangamma grandmother said, ‘I am MGR. From the time I am acting in cinema. Many actresses have acted as ‘Dub’. I have acted in a number of Malayalam and Hindi films.

But the earnings are just small. I spent my children. Cinema offers are not available now. When my children dropped, I suffer. I started selling kerchieves for the stomach survival. ‘

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Apart from India, Dhoni has a worldwide audience of cricket and it is not over. The act of a fan of such a fan is now diamond.

Apart from India, Dhoni has a worldwide audience of cricket and it is not over. The act of a fan of such a fan is now diamond.

MS Dhoni is known by the name of cricket fans. While he was captain of the Indian team, he is still the captain of Chennai Super Kings in the IPL.

One of Dhoni’s fans in Los Angeles, USA, wrote in his car number plate “MS Dhoni”, one of which took a photo and shared a tag to the CK Twitter page.

It shared the CSK official Twitter page, which included “Los Angeles Sundae Sundari”.

This photo is now diamond. Dhoni has won three World Cup trophies for India and has been credited with awarding the trophy to the Chennai team 3 times in the IPL.

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ind vs aus

The Indian team in Australia will be participating in the series of three T20s, 4 Tests and 3 ODIs. The Indian team, which has not yet won Test series in Australian soil, is expected to be achieved due to the absence of Australian team star Steve Smith and David Warner.

In the first Test at Adelaide, India had a 1-0 win in the series. In this situation, the two teams will face the second Test match in Perth. The Australian team took 326 runs in the first innings. The Indian team scored 283 runs.

At the end of the third day, the Australian team made 134 for 4 wickets in the second innings, scoring 175 runs.

Shammy attack:

Paine (37) did not stand for the Australian team following the second innings in the fourth day of the match. Kawaja (72) did not succeed. The next Cummins (1) bumped into the pumara speed.

The following Lean (5) shuttled at Shimy. At the last moment, Stark and Hashwood were able to get some help, and the Australians were all out for 243 runs in the second innings.

Hard goal:

This was the target of 287 runs for India. In the meantime, Dhak was dismissed by Rahul Choppa for the Indian team. Pujara (4) and Kohli (17) were cheated. Murali Vijay (20) did not last long.


Rakan (30) left the hustle speed. In the fourth day, the Indian team took 112 runs for the second wicket in the second innings.


What is the result?

In the final day of the game tomorrow, the Indian team can win if they do not lose the wicket in hand and steady at the same time. However, critics have said that the Australian team is likely to win, as the already heavily-driven Perth Flank is more likely to help Australian pacers.

Mitchell Starc

Benefit Bounty:

Meanwhile, Indian wicket-keeper batsman Rishabh Bhunt, who is the best bowling player in the final, is a groin.

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